Marian is a very beautyful child, a very nice and sweet little girl. She has smiling and talking eyes and funny expressions in her face. I see her from far, she is among people dancing, I gave back the smile to her even if she is not looking at me. She holds her father’s hand and she exchanges looks of comolicity with him. I feed my eyes seeing her, wearing white and light dress and crown of flowers for Shavvuot. I wish that this image can be with her forever… smiling happy child in white, pure, simple dress dancing in an uncontaminated green field.

And suddenly I realize that I am projecting on her my wishes for me, for a myself that I renounced about.

There is no end for asking about who we are and build upon what we dream to be.
In this day of Shavvuot my little child gave me birth again.

Ilaria Olimpico

Foto: Uri Noy Meir


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