Sad Clown – Happy clown

Sad Clown - Happy clown

Nasha is wearing her red hat to be visible to his husband spying her from the window of the white building not so far. She is wearing her sun glasses to hide her sad eyes. Her husband Rod hoping to stop her from going to manifestation, said: “You are poor and ridicolous clowns! Stop this masquerade!”.

And for life’s irony one of the sentence of a poster was about clowns.
It was in another life, not many years ago, that they met in another city. Nasha was wearing a red hat also in this other life, in this other city, but a guard took her hat and threw it down and stepped on it, saying: “You can’t wear colored clothes. You are chalis”. Chalis was the name of their group.

Also Rod belonged to Chalis. He saw the scene and even if he knew he risked to be killed, he took the red hat, looked in the eyes the guard and, after he had cleaned it, he put it with tenderness on Nasha’s head.

The guard, in total black, didn’t do anything like frozen by Rod’s looking.
From this first encounter they met many times and they married and had kids. In the city year after year the life for Chalis was more and more difficult, they were humiliated and persecuted.
But one day in a secret meeting, Rod proposed to all Chalis to go out wearing a red hat with a red clown nose looking at guards and other people as clowns do in their shows when you don’t know if they are joking about you or not. In the meeting all persons started to laugh but after a while all people accepted.

The day after all the Chalis quarter was a quarter of clowns and when they passed the barriers to go to work in the city the guards were astonished, they didn’t understand what was happening and what they had to do. It was a magic moment of revelation. But unfortunatly men are afraid of revelation and so guards started to shot against Chalis people, men, women and kids behind them. It was a massacre. A red massacre. Red of blood, red hat and red clowns noses.

Now, in this other life, the Chalis are the others, and Rod and Nasha belong to the group of the guards. Nasha decided to pass the line and put her red hat. Rod decided to be afraid of revelations.

Ilaria Olimpico

Foto: Uri Noy Meir



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