Lai and Iur


… Once upon a time, Dafne escaped from Apollo, she ran in the forest and was transformed in a tree.

In an old latin book is written: mollia cinguntur tenui praecordia libro, in frondem crines, in ramos bracchia crescunt, pes modo tam velox pigris radicibus haeraet, ora cacumen habet. Hanc quoque Phoebus amat positaque in stipite dextra sentit adhuc trepidare novo sub cortice pectus, conplexusque suis ramos ut membra lacertis oscula dat ligno; refugit tamen oscula lignum.

…. her beautiful breast was covered by light wood, her arms became branches, her hair leaves, her foot so fast before stopped in lazy deep roots, her face in the treetop. only the beauty remained. Apollo felt that her heart was still there under the cortex, he kissed the wood but even the wood refused his love.

After many many many years in the same forest a little fairy named Lai and a courageous knight named Iur met each other and loved. He was from the southern part of the sea and she was from the northern part. the sea was the sea of the middle and someone called the lands around it “a liquid continent”. too soon the fairy and the knight had to say goodbye, and they were in the forest of Dafne and Apollo and they kissed and hug for so long and so strong that Dafne, that was the tree just in front of them, was so touched by their true love that the tree she was began to cry resin and for an instant Lai and Iur, the fairy and the knight were transformed in a unique olive tree, the trunk formed by their two bodies perfectly puzzled. But Apollo that was envious of this requited love, separated the two lovers and the little fairy became a trunk just cut in the middle with empty space near her heart and the knight was transformed in a big leaf transported by the wind.
but one day….


The strong wind carried the leaf pass houses and streets, countries and oceans it took him the mountains and down the creeks Iur was excited and confused with all this new sights of the world in fast motion all this plenty and possibility. Lai one the other hand was feeling terrible and alone and the hole that was left was causing her pain… Then the wind slowed down and Iur could start to see the view with more clarity, he saw green grass and blue sky, white clouds and red flowers blooming on a lonely hill, on the hill he saw an old tree, the wind became a low breeze and placed him quietly beneath the tree he felt shaken and remembered in his loved Lai when the old tree spoke and said…


: shhhh don’t say a thing ’cause Apollo can hear your whispers and your loved sighs and transform you again! I’m an old tree and I know your story with Lai, the strong nostalgy of Lai passed from trunk into roots and from roots it slided in the soil and forest by forest reached me.
Now it’s late and we are tired, so sleep my dear and tomorrow I’ll tell you how to find Lai again… the dayafter the old tree said to Iur: it would take 3 months to find Lai, but time will help you to figure out your feelings, distinguish true love and ideal love, temporary passion and long deep bond. Here you are this magic object, you can use it to remember and to imagine
beacause it’s important to share memories and visions. Now to agevolate your task I can transform you in an animal, you can choose which one… On the other part, Lai in her form of tree, swinged between pure romanticism and cynical skepticism. Meanwhile she was wondering a woodcutter came and was almost going to cut Lai just in the middle near her heart and the empty left by Iur, but Dafne to save her transformed her in a Loba. So now the protagonists became animals: Lai was a Loba and Iur was a…


Iur felt strange and had difficulty in walking it seemed his legs stopped working well he stepped over a rock and started tumbling down the hill and towards a high cliff edge his thoughts in this short critical time period were passing very quickly seeing his life and his dreams for the future and of Lai his one true love. it was when he thought on Lai alone far away that he fell of the cliff, spinning and thinking of death he decided to embrace destiny and so he spread his arms in acceptance of whatever will be, and then he felt the wind pushing against him pushing his body upwards, he found himself hovering over a huge ocean and seeing his own reflection he realized he was transformed into a great Albatross. On his leg was a thin fabric and on this fabric there were words that said… at the same time Lai the Loba was walking in a forest howling when she met…


Lai the Loba was walking in the forest howling at the beautiful moon over her head, and praying for her love because more beautiful is something more fragile and delicate it is.
But suddenly she felt a pinch in her hurt and many many thoughts came as huge waves and her heart was a little little boat lost in them, voices saying that something so extraordinary couldn’t be true. She cryed. But her attention was called by some women’s lively voices. Women, called superficially witches, were dancing around the trees under the moon. One of them joined Lai the Loba. At the beginning Lai was afraid and growled against her but the witche was an ancestor and she knew about Lai and never lost her sweet look, so finally Lai stopped to growl and allowed the witch caress her body of Loba. The witch tied an ankle up her paw. The ankle was made with little bells. When the little bells sounded, in Lai’s head came back memories moments with Iur and all fears and doubts desappeared. When the witch closed the ankle said “These last bells are one of the first chapter and the other for the promise of the second chapter”.
The little bells were 9, the Loba knew that 9 had special significance but didn’t remember exactly, maybe Iur knew and remembered…

Iur the wonderful Albatross defied the storm, with his wings of a giant that prevented him to walk on the earth, but permitted him to fly in the highest and clairest skies.
He had these words on his leg: “torna presto” and when he felt tired or far from Lai, the thin fabric became a little bit closer not hurting but rather giving him a good sensation and remembering him the hugs with Lai, moreover when he felt nostalgic the thin fabric became as silk caressing his leg giving wonderful dreams and visions about the future with Lai. One of this vision appeared clear in one flight over the ocean…


Iur in his Albatross form was cried by the strong winds carried over giant oceans and vast lands. Thinking of Lai has made him excited but also lonely and sad as he know that it will take time till he will see her again. He felt the soft fabric on his leg and he fell into a dream while crossing a big ocean colored in strong red of sunset…

It was pitch black and soft wind whistled the soft hand of Lai was touching Iur’s hand leading him in the dark… his leg felt the soft mounds of grass, his nose smelled the rich smell of bread. Lai’s hand guided him down to sit and his other hand felt a soft fabric around him. Iur felt calm and relaxed cause he knew Lai was there he set quietly when he felt the sweet taste of Lai’s lips on his lips and felt her soft hand on his face…


Iur was dreaming of Lai’s taste and touch and so Lai did the same. She missed his laugh, his voice in telling, his breast to rest on. Lai the Loba left the witches and ran through the forest in the darkest night escaping from fears and loneliness. When she was exhausted she found a river and followed it until she reached the sea. Bynow it was the dawn: Lai the Loba scanned the horizon beyond the sea. At the other part of the sea she imagined Iur was dreaming of her.
She walked a little near the sea wondering to walk with Iur, her hand in his hand…
But a little boat arrived on the beach, with many many people, looking like slaves from another age, tired and humiliated. It was a sad scene but it got worst: other persons from the land captured the people of the boat treating them as animals. Lai the Loba couldn’t tolerate and for the first time she used her wolf teeth and clows; it was a real fight but finally Lai and the people of the boat were free and escaped in the forest…


Lai and recently freed people from the boat entered into the forest and found the forest was filled with mirrors. At first the people were very scared of the forest and the mirrors, it looked like so many strange people were in this forest ’cause the people of the boats have never really seen their own reflection they never could look at themselves. But after a while they realized that what they see was their own reflection and every of their action had an effect so they…


Children were the first to understand that the images weren’t dangerous and started to play with their images reflected in mirrors, at the beginning with little movements and a little bit of fear to figure out the mechanism and then with light dances and gesture and faces they started to jump in front of the mirrors and laugh. The adults were astonished and looked at children with a mix of curiosity and anxiety, then a magic atmosphere was created by swaying of the leaves and branches, children’s light laughing, women’s movements as exploring themselves in the images reflected and men’s echo repeating as a second mirror behind women their movements. It was as an ancient magic dance and Lai the Loba felt the harmony in the circle of the universal whole and accompanied the dance with a sweet howl.

Where were Iur? What did he do in that moment? The distance was hard to bear.
Meanwhile Iur the Albatross…


Iur was daydreaming on making sweet love to Lai when a strong wind caught his long wings and he was awaken to the sight of the world spinning, flashes of realities, tents and buildings, faces of strangers and friends, sky, sea and earth mixed into one image and he closed his eyes again imaging Lai in his mind. Then the wind seemed to stop and he opened his eyes again and saw he was in the eye of the storm, he was safe but the world around was still spinning.
Iur understood he must be a messenger of love he didn’t only belong to himself and because of it he couldn’t give himself completely even not to Lai, at least not yet. He had a mission, he had a purpose. But what about Lai? What would Lai do? How can even the suffering of this world to his loved one suffering? he searched for an answer in the wind: Oh great wind that caries me what should I do? How should I act?


And the wind replied through these words sung by a woman and transported by the wind:
“that’s why she loves you, courageous knight, if you loose your mission and so yourself, whom will she love?… ” and when the song became too far, the wind had transported a piece of paper just near Iur, on it there were words of a famous “Prophet”: “Aye, you shall be together even in the silent memory of God. But let there be spaces in your togetherness, And let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls. Fill each other’s cup but drink not from one cup. Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone, Give your hearts, but not into each other’s keeping. only the hand of Life can contain your hearts. And stand together, yet not too near together: For the pillars of the temple stand apart, And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow.”

Did Iur get the answers he was searching in the wind? did words keep him less worried as honey on heart’s wounds?

meanwhile Lai joined the dance with the people from the boat in the forest, and for a moment, her image appeared in the mirror as the woman she was…


And for the first time in the forest dancing with the people from the boat looking in the mirror in her wolf form she saw her self for the first time both physically and spiritually, she saw herself not only as one person but as a link in the chain of life with her ancestral spirits behind her, family and friends on her sides and in the front she saw two small smiling children, a boy and a girl. The girl seemed like herself when she was child and the boy he also looked familiar, who did he remind her of… she felt herself connected to the world to past, present and future. She herself as Lai the liberator of souls, The images changed back into herself in the Loba form and the dancing people in the background…

… The storm has passed around Iur and he carried with his flight encouraged with the words he received from the wind. With the love from the words he turned a look of love to the world, he loved the hills and oceans cause he felt Lai’s love inside him. Then in the distance appears a black forest on a huge black mountain the first piece of land he have seen for a long time. Tired with the long flight he landed on one naked tree…

Iur the Albatross was on the naked tree when he heard he conversations of two hoopoes, one was very glamour and snob and said: “I belong to royal hoopoes and I wait here for good news, food and love” and the other one, smaller and humble, said: “you never move? never travel?” and the royal one: “never”, the smaller looked at her and said: “that’s why nothing beautiful happens to you” and it flight away in a beating of wings. Another voice arrived to Iur, it was an ancient squirrel with glasses on its nose that was reading a very famous story to its nephews, six hundreds wonderful and tender little squirrels. Iur could listen only the end of the story:
“so he found on his bride’s heart and in the harmony of his hut the joy and the fullness he had looked for in all over the world”. At these words the little squirrels clapped and smiled and soon put their heads on nuts and slept. Iur wondered about all these words… about travel, moving, stopping, and he thought that….

Lai recognized in the little boy her son Ibrahim with wonderful eyes, deep as Iur’s eyes and immense as her eyes. She experienced this sensation of connection with present, past and future and the correspondence and unity of spirit and body, istinct and thought and she remembered when she chose among the magic circular cards the one of the Shaman of unity.
Now she felt very creative and despite all difficulties that she had to overcome she was confident in the path that was under her feet. She left the people of the boat and began her path in lonlyness but accompanied by the sweet memories of Iur and she started to think about a methode, a technique to communicate deeply with him wherever he was…


Iur didn’t know what to think on the one hand he agreed with smaller and humble Hoopoe, traveling was the way the experience life, to be free and keep moving. But also it is tiring to keep on moving his wings were heavy from the flight and slowly while thinikng on the lovely story of the wise squirrel and with Lai’s image in his mind he fell into a deep sleep…

Lai was thinking on how to communicate with Iur more deeply and decided she will send him songs and stories by the wind to ease his lonely travel And Iur what could Iur possibly give her in return?


So Lai began to walk in the forest blowing words and music in the wind in order to reach Iur.
Step by step she arrived to an ancient castle. Lai knew that in that castle there was an ancient magician with many many strange objects and plants. she decided to enter and to ask for…
meanwhile the bells on Lai’s ankle sounded, maybe Iur was thinking of her.

Iur was flying very far from Lai but his heart was very near. In order to make Lai feel this nearness of hearts and thoughts, he decided to draw with his wings in the sky his experiences and thoughts and asked to clouds to transport the messages to Lai…


She decided to ask for hope. The old magician replied that hope is not easy to give but more easy to receive. he was moved by her wish. Iur transported a massage of comfort and peace by a poem that rang in Lai’s bells With the ring of bells and with the tears of sky In a dark night and under a pale sky love remains And trees still grow and souls are reunited cause the world is kind
Let not fear come to your hearts gentle beings cause the is hope


The magician gave to Lai a mariposa, the white one that in Italy they call farfalla cavolaia, and Lai smiled, very happy to have a little companion and the magician said:
“this is Flut, a gentle and trustable mariposa, she will follow you and will be your friend. She is white because white is the beginning and because she is the child you have been,
sometimes the total white can also cause fear and made you feel lost but this is a white that invites your imagination to color your life with every nuance you love”.
Lai the Loba was very recharged by this gift and received hope and Flut the Mariposa was flying around her muzzle. They were ready to go. and Lai hoped tha also Iur could meet some magician giving him hope and a little companion representing the child he had been.


but suddenly all the earth was captured in a heavy silence
it seemed that all around all done said and written was just illusion. hevel havalim.
all was suspended Vesheket al peni tehom


The world went back into his primal stage before creation, like nothing ever happened like no flower ever bloomed, no bird ever sang. Iur and Lai became mist upon the big black endless deep And there was silence upon the deep… It seemed like nothing ever happened
and that nothing ever will… No past and no future… BUT THEN a little tiny dot appeared.


… but surprisingly the little dot was alive. it moved! it was like a very little worm! exactly it was a caterpillar of a butterfly. it seemed that the little caterpillar’s destiny was to die, because all around there was anything else than deep silence and dark. but life always surprises us… the caterpillar survived until it became a wonderful the most wonderful butterfly never seen and the most surprising thing that happened was that every flutter creates something… and what happened to Lai and Iur lost in the mist of darkness and silence?


It seemed that Iur and Lai were both lost in this catastrophic end of the world. cause everything was lost but the butterfly.

BUT wait is right there on the butterfly’s wings? the butterfly’s wings were covered with colorful and wonderful drawings of the tale of Iur and Lai.

You could see Dafne looking at there departing hug, and you could see the olive tree that they have became. Iur as the floating leaf and the hole near Lai’s heart. It was all there, The story of Lai as a lobe in the forest of mirrors and the travels of Iur as an albatross.
The butterfly flew away from this dark world seeking away for another world for another story carrying in his wings the story of Lai and Iur…

Ilaria Olimpico & Uri Noy Meir


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